Does this sound familiar? Lying on the couch can be fantastic. But in the long run? Too boring and not very healthy. Here are some tips how to get your pretty bottom moving.

Everyone knows the feeling when on dark winter days you’re feeling worn out, tired and depressed. The reason might be a lack of vitamin D.This liposoluble vitamin is formed mainly when UVB sun rays hit your skin. It regulates our calcium and phosphate metabolism and takes over main functions regarding bone structure and the development of our teeth. So seize the fine weather and sun rays to fill up your vitamin D tank!


#Find the experience
I’m sure you know your living area when going by car inside out. Right? Why don’t you visit a boulevard, a park, a pond or a forest track on foot and see what’s happening there. This can be both exciting and relaxing.


#Favourite music
Everybody’s got their favourite music, which we want to listen to all day long. So why don’t you upload it to your iPod or mobile and go outside? Good music gives you all the motivation you need.


#Present your outfit
You treated yourself to a new sports outfit? No? Now you got the chance to do so. With new, fashionable sportswear your outdoor workout will happen almost on its own. Everybody can admire your look and you’re feeling twice as good.


Isn’t this fantastic! If you burn more calories, you can also treat yourself to some goodies. Awesome. Energy Cake, here I come! But attention if you really want to lose weight: Your treat shouldn’t be too big. Many people think that after exercising they can simply dig in


#Fresh air
There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air, especially when you’re sitting in the office or at uni all day long. Stuffy air leads to headaches and you can get backache from sitting all the time. So go outside and move it!


#Bikini figure
Yeeees, summer is arriving sooner than we’d think. And this time we won’t drink slim shakes to lose 4 kilos. So start exercising now and be proud of yourself when you lose weight in a sustainable and healthy manner.