Sven Lederer has been on the market for dietary supplements and sport food since 1995. In 1995 he opened his first sport nutrition store in Vienna and over the years has extended it to the biggest shop of its kind with over 400m². It became clear that there was and still is a high demand for small, compact meals for athletes. For that reason there were different kinds of oat flake cereal bars back then. Small and handy, easy to digest, tasty, but really expensive. 65g for around 1,50 Euro. Thus the demand for such products was not very high.

During a trip to England with his family, Sven’s wife was getting hungry (and as we all know… hungry women are dangerous). To avoid any further danger, a small shop was to be found to provide for the woman and safe the husband from this threatening situation. Sven found something to completely satisfy the needs of his customers: A handy 125g oat flake cereal bar at an unbelievable price of under one EURO, which at the same time is really tasty and not too heavy. Right after his return Sven contacted some producers and bakers in Vienna to have a product developed that matched the needs of his customers. Thereupon the first samples of our Energy Cakes were produced.


In 2009/10 the product was offered in 14 flavours as a service to our customers in Vienna’s biggest sports nutrition store for only 99 cent and was very well received. Over the years the demand has risen steadily. Various gyms and sport nutrition stores in Vienna, in Austria and even outside of Austria were enquiring about this special treat. Thus it is now amongst the most popular oat flake cereal bars in the German-speaking market and – in the truest sense of the word – on everyone’s lips.

Roughly in April 2016 a new advertising line was launched, which presented Energy Cake with a new look. During the following months the “killer slogan“ “ Hunger is no excuse“ was developed for our brand.

At the end of 2016 the demand for Energy Cake was so high that Sven decided to part with his MegaStore in order to completely focus on Energy Cake.

We currently offer 17 flavours of Energy Cake, but there will likely be 20 flavours at the end of 2017. Our Energy Cake staff is always looking for and experimenting with new creations (they are our voluntary test objects, if we may say so!), to increase the diversity of delicious tastes.