Each week we’re spending 40 or more hours at the workplace. It’s definitely time for a few helpful tips how you can do something good for your body and yourself.

Don’t sit but stand
We spend most of our time in the office sitting. There’s a rule of thumb that says: one should spend 50% of the time sitting, 25% standing and 25% walking. That’s why you should stand during short meetings or discussions. Instead of rolling through the office with your office chair, stand up and walk. One helpful tip is to put the printer further away so you have a good reason to move about.

Stairs instead of escalators or elevators
In the beginning, it might cost you quite an effort to do it, but after some time you won’t be needing an oxygen tent anymore when arriving at your desk.

Enough fluids
Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps you keep fit and also prevents headaches. Putting fruit in your water gives it a better taste and provides you with some extra vitamins.

Take small breaks
Instead of having a cigarette break you should move about for five minutes or go outside and catch some sunshine. This activates your body and relieves the stress on your eyes, if you’re working on the computer a lot. Such short breaks can fill up your energy tank easily.

Light snacks
It’s important to provide your body with energy several times a day. Choose vegetables and fruits, which you can prepare in the morning. If you’re short of time, simply put an Energy Cake in your pocket.

Working environment
Everything at the workplace should be well adapted for the respective person. For instance, desks and chairs should be adjustable in height. Also, there should be enough sources of light. A natural lighting of course would be best, but unfortunately that’s not always possible.

After work it’s important to wind down and relax and to forget about work for a couple of hours. There are several ways to work off stress. Many people like doing yoga, but all other kinds of sports are fine, too. Those who move about all day long and simply want to relax in the evening can try a handicraft like crocheting or knitting.